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Phatties Food Truck is Back!

Well hello there Phatties Lovers!

It's been quite the journey these past 6 years (yes 6 freaken awesome years). As many of you know, Phatties began a few years back from the comfort of our beloved mother's home, whom many knew as "Dona Vicky". From a simple catering business to acquiring our first food truck. That alone was one of our most fun & fulfilling journeys🫶

In 2018, we decided to jump on the next big thing which was our first brick and mortar in our hometown of Escondido, CA due to all our local customers following the food truck regularly😂. Thank you!

2020 (ouch we all have flashbacks to this year right!?)

We decided to part ways & sell second food truck due to lack of help in the kitchens.

Fast forward to 2023, Phatties is ready to branch out again and bigger than before. We are excited on finding where to station the next location to Phatties. We are extremely grateful for the amount of support we continue to receive from all our local and not so local supporters (seriously though?! shoutout to all you driving from IE, orange county or further south just to visit us) we look forward once again to bring old memories and make new ones with our new food truck. So, bring on your suggestions where you'd like to see Phatties Food Truck more frequently!

This also open our doors once again to catering your next big event like you birthday, your wedding, your next employee-appreciation day, you name it, we got you. Our calendar is now officially open to take any catering requests.

As for our menu, the menu will be a combination of your favorite dishes at our current Phatties location in Escondido and a chef's special twist on new dishes, your favorite desserts like our popular homemade churros, your favorite agua frescas and organic cold pressed juices. We can't wait to PULL UP! 😜

Let us know more on the comments, where you'd like to see the return of Phatties Food Truck🥳🙌🏽

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