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Best Vegan Quesdailla

Updated: Mar 24

It's great to hear that your restaurant takes pride in its quesadillas, and the option to choose between handmade blue corn or regular white corn tortillas adds to the appeal. Stuffed with mozzarella vegan cheese and your choice of "guiso", your quesadillas sound like a delicious and customizable option for any taste.

The use of mozzarella vegan cheese provides a delicious and healthier alternative to traditional cheese, making it suitable for a wider range of dietary requirements. The option to choose a "guiso" also adds variety and depth to the dish, allowing customers to choose the filling that they enjoy the most.

In addition, the fact that our tortillas are handmade every day adds to the freshness and authenticity of the dish, creating a delicious and satisfying experience for customers. Overall, a must-try dish for anyone who enjoys Mexican cuisine or simply loves a good, flavorful dish.

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