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Want to join us in making a difference? Every year Phatties has join together with other local businesses raising money to benefit Baja Bound Ministries, all donations go toward helping make an impact on less fortunate families in Baja California, Mexico. You can help us by donating your time, sign up below to our list of volunteers every year. a team member at Phatties will reach out to you when building another home arrives or you can also help us by making any donation that goes directly to purchasing all materials for the house build on our GoFundme link. 


 Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much very much to us.


More information about Baja Bound Ministries: We Build Homes for the working poor of Baja and provide educational scholarships for children.

Come join us 1st week of December, 

We will be leaving Friday morning and heading down to our 10th annual house

build project!

We leave Friday Morning 7:00 am - We will have a 8-10 passenger van and your
welcome to carpool or drive separately. We head down to the border and cross



We usually arrive at the job site around 11:00 am and work till Sun down 5:00 pm

We will go and grab Tacos the first night for dinner and then make our way to

our house to clean up and rest up.



We go get tacos!

Arrive at the job site 8:30 am

12:00 pm Lunch break

5:00 pm work till sun down

5:30 Go eat more tacos!! So good :)



8:30 am Job site and work till both houses are done. Which usually by 1:00 pm we're wrapping up! 1:30 House ceremony and we hand over keys and presents :))

Head home towards the border!

Thank you for considering to come down and make a life difference for a family in need. God Bless!

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